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Uwe Zirbes is a former Founder of International Manager League which is the Largest Business Networking Club in the world, with more than 17,000 exclusive elite Manager Executives members from worldwide. Member of Manager League hold exclusive business events in Dubai and other parts of the world to provide platform for International businessmen to meet local businessmen to explore & connect business opportunities between elite exclusive members worldwide.
Uwe Zirbes founded 1997 the worldwide Headhunter Company hunting heads executive Search Group with a team of human resource professionals to help businesses grow by finding the right people and empowering them to succeed. He believes that human-capital is the most vital asset when in the right place, motivated & empowered; decide the pace of business growth. hunting heads is now one of the top 5 executive search companies and specialised in searching Management, Leaders, C-Level and Top Managers as well as Board Members.
The International Manager League is a vision that evolved from him knowledge of how individuals play a key role in business successes.

Mr. Zirbes proven track record of human resource development, relationship building and delivering record setting performances has been instrumental in assisting organisations and individuals to realize their potential and self-actualization goals. His determination to fulfill a strong vision coupled with a passion to evolve excellence have led International Manager League, in a short span, serve clients ranging from multinationals, global companies, government organizations and big business groups.
During the years of his service, Mr. Zirbes has always been keen to stay abreast with the latest business practices and management techniques. Having travelled across the globe, he has gained knowledge of the multitudes of global diversity, which has made a serious contribution to the success that he makes.

Uwe Zirbes was appointed in May 2006 in the European Economic Senate EWS. With him as a representative is therefore first and only time a headhunter / recruitment company chosen in such a commercially meaningful committee! He escorted this position until 2009.
Private is Uwe Zirbes very heavily involved in cultural foundations and institutions. He is a sponsor of Strahlemännchen.eV, advocates for deathly ill children or donate in the S.0.S. years Children's Village.

In 2014 , Uwe Zirbes and his wife moved to UAE and all his vast and rich expertise in building and conducting businesses, finding and training the best managers and executives all over the world is qualifying him as the best advisor and a representative voice for this region, being an important mentor for all economist and financial representatives together with lawyers and notaries as a “chance for a better life”.